Integrating technology and operations to optimize business results

TSI has a unique set of skills and experience that bridge the Information technology – the Operational Technology divide. Our specialists can help deliver the actionable information at the right time from the Board Room to the Control Room while maintaining the security and integrity of operations. This will transform your systems from process automation to process and commercial real-time optimization – a transformation that will benefit our clients, their customers, and the bottom-line!

Information Technology: (IT) is the common term for the entire spectrum of information processing, including software, hardware, communication technologies and related services that are used for conducting business-type transactions, such as cost and tax accounting, billing and revenue collection, asset tracking and depreciation, human resource records and time-keeping, and customer records.

Operational Technology: (OT) includes systems that deal with the actual running of the assets and are used to ensure system integrity and to meet the technical constraints of the system. They are event-driven and, frequently, use real-time software applications, and devices with embedded software. These SCADA and Process Control systems are mission-critical and have requirements that frequently exceed those of standard solutions for IT

Information Technology Challenges

Today’s businesses face new IT challenges including a remote workforce, integration of mobile devices, team collaboration across multiple locations, data security, and an ever-evolving customer base that relies heavily on the Internet. TSI specialists recognize these challenges and customize its technology solutions to reflect current industry trends while also anticipating the future industry trends and your businesses growth. We distinguish ourselves within the industry because of our unique focus on driving business results for our clients by leveraging technology and designing solutions that allow them to exceed their business objectives.

Operational Technology Challenges

OT systems are becoming increasingly more sophisticated, and the level of OT data continues to increase as more intelligent devices and communications are added to process control and SCADA systems. The evolution of OT Systems includes IP based LAN and WAN networks, integrated enterprise resource systems, continued adoption of geospatial technologies, server virtualization, and mobile technologies. This increase in the sophistication and complexity also dramatically increases the cyber threat profile. The threat landscape has become more virulent with organized cyber criminals targeting commercial operations and nation-state sponsored threats for access and control of critical infrastructure. TSI specialists can help you navigate this complex environment to achieve your business objectives while maintaining the security and reliability of your infrastructure.

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